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This article is about the Ars Magica sourcebook. For the Mage sourcebooks, see Order of Hermes Tradition Book and the revised Tradition Book: Order of Hermes.

The Order of Hermes is the first sourcebook fully detailing the magi of the titular Order of Hermes, the protagonists of Ars Magica. Not only did the detail presented in this book inform the entirety of the Ars Magica game line that followed, but the factional conflicts laid out herein also informed the structure and history of the World of Darkness that followed, particularly as they relate to the Order of Hermes as depicted in Mage: The Ascension and to the Tremere of Vampire: The Masquerade.


From the Lion Rampant catalog:

The Order of Hermes
"For long we have ignored these wizards, thinking them to be misguided spirits, but I have found them to be potent practitioners of the magical arts and to be feared... These magi have the peculiar belief that they are somehow above other folk, that they have loftier thoughts and ideals and have access to knowledge beyond mortal ken. They are arrogant, haughty, and have clearly forgotten our Lord's words about such vanities. I urge you most strenuously, Reverend Father, keep a watchful eye.
Brother Reginald of Avignon
Year of Our Lord, 1182
The Tradition of Magic
This long awaited supplement, is not just another "background" book. Describing a fantastic society of wizards, it will add an amazing level of depth, realism, and charm to the wizards of your roleplaying campaign. The mysteries of apprenticeship, the ambitions of potent magicians, their views of "lesser" non-magical society, and the long, hard path from apprenticeship to Arch-Mage all come to life within these pages. This supplement gives magicians the broader scope and detail that such interesting characters deserve. You are given and inside (and rare) look into a most secretive institution and its members, the enigmatic Order of Hermes, making it an invaluable supplement for any roleplaying game. Herein is a complete and detailed description of an arcane society of wizard - your magus will never be the same.
  • A complete history of the Order
  • Detailed descriptions of all 13 Houses
  • An expansive Hermetic Glossary
  • A copy of the entire Code of Hermes
  • List and description of all 13 Tribunals
  • Information on the clothing, greetings, and habits of the magi
  • Scores of ideas, leads, and clues for stories and adventures



Life of a Magus

History of the Order


The Thirteen Tribunals

Outside Relations

Houses of Hermes

Hermetic Glossary

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