Hunter: The Moonstruck is a sourcebook for Hunter: The Reckoning. It provides ways to include Garou as antagonists in a Hunter chronicle without having to own Werewolf: The Apocalypse.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Beasts That Walk as Men
They lurk in the wild places where people fear to tread. They stalk the cities and prey upon the unsuspecting human masses. Man-beasts, shapechangers, werewolves. The name doesn't matter. They're abominations, a part of and a violation of both man and nature. That's why hunters set out to prove who's the real king of the beasts, once and for all.
Never Cry Wolf
Hunter: The Moonstruck explores the savage realm of shapechangers as hunters perceive it, learning man-beasts strengths, fears and weaknesses. The predators may seek to cull the human herd, but now they discover that the flock has grown teeth of its own. The hunters become the hunted.


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