The Masquerade Players Kit is an accessory for players of The Masquerade, the live-action roleplaying game later known as Laws of the Night. The Players Kit presents many Mind's Eye Theatre adaptations of character options that were introduced for tabletop in The Players Guide for Vampire: The Masquerade, including the Assamite, Followers of Set, Giovanni and Ravnos clans, the Daughters of Cacophony, Salubri and Samedi bloodlines, the Disciplines for these seven groups, and numerous Merits and Flaws. Additionally, new non-mechanical guidelines are presented for creating and playing characters both before and after the Embrace; these guidelines are written to be usable in both live-action and tabletop play.


From the White Wolf catalog:

No more dress rehearsals...
Enter the world of the vampire: dark, chilling and erotic. Who are these creatures? Why does the tragedy of their existence fascinate us so much? Take a look at their politics and secrets.
Lights, Camera, Action...
The Masquerade Players Kit is the first supplement for Mind's Eye Theatre: The Masquerade. However, the Players Kit is also suitable for use with Vampire: The Masquerade. The Players Kit includes information entirely new to Vampire, with sections on rules conversions, new props and new costuming options. No journey into the World of Darkness is complete without this guide.
The Masquerade Players Kit features:
  • * A Prelude Flowchart — A series of detailed tables designed to help you flesh out your character's background through your mortal life and into the Embrace.
  • * New Clans and Disciplines — Seven new clans and bloodlines are detailed here, each with its own special Disciplines, advantages and weaknesses (for use with Mind's Eye Theatre).
  • * New Handouts — This book is filled with handouts to enhance both tabletop and live-action stories. These handouts include narratives detailing a variety of Embraces, as well as scripts for announcing the entrance of your city's Prince. Also included are two complete coteries, each with its own dark secrets and sinister goals.


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Chapter Four: HandoutsEdit

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