The Long Night is the rulebook for the Mind's Eye Theatre version of Vampire: The Dark Ages.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
There Are Centuries Left Before Dawn
The year is 1197. Saracens and Crusaders make war in the Holy Land. The Reconquista races across Al-Andalus, called "Iberia" by the infidels. Blasphemers burn at the stake, and monsters haunt the night of a world lit only by fire and faith. You are one of the lords of this world. You are one of the monsters. The Long Night is thine.
Welcome to the Long Night
At long last, here are the Mind's Eye Theatre rules for Vampire: The Dark Ages. The Long Night includes everything you need to play in - or run - a chronicle set in the Dark Medieval world. Inside, you'll find everything from the clans and lost Disciplines of the Dark Ages to new Merits, Flaws and Derangements appropriate to the time. Plus, rules for playing the vampire Roads, and help and ideas for Storytellers. The Long Night is everything you need to step into the world of the 12th century - the world of the vampire.
It's Time to Get Medieval - Dark Medieval.


Centuries Until Dawn: A Tale of the Long NightEdit

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