The Last Battle is the second book in the Time of Judgment Trilogy, and the final novel for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. The Last Battle is set against the backdrop of the Apocalypse, the final battle between the Garou and the Wyrm. The novel ties into the game rulebook Apocalypse and, loosely, to the other books published under the Time of Judgment banner. Although the primary protagonist of The Last Battle is Jonas Albrecht, the Last Gaian King, the story is told from the perspective of a number of other recurring Werewolf characters.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A Final Stand For Gaia
For millennia, a dwindling race of shapechangers has lurked in the woods and glades of the world. These werewolves, these Garou, hold a sacred duty to protect the Earth and fight against the corrupt spirit known as the Wyrm. But the battle is not an easy one — the enemy grows stronger daily and the Garou grow fewer. Tribal battles and personal rivalries have long divided the Garou, making their struggle all the harder. And with every dawn the final reckoning — the Apocalypse — looms closer.
Jonas Albrecht and his packmates have felt the weight of these times more heavily than most. Once an exile from his people, Albrecht has risen to the lofty position of king. But as the prophecies come true and the final call to battle sounds, Albrecht faces the prospect that all he has gained has been for naught. The prophecies are clear: the Last Gaian King will fall to the Wyrm.
Can King Albrecht fight on?
Act Two of Three
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