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The Kindred Most Wanted is an account of the top 13 most deadly and wanted vampires by the Camarilla, this list is officially known as the Red List and the Cainites in it as Anathema.

Dread Names, Red List is the 20th Anniversary Edition sequel to this book.


From the White Wolf catalog:

We Have Nothing to Fear...
The vampires, the terrors of the dark, have their own secret fears. As they hunt, they watch over their shoulders. As they make their way from victim to victim, they listen with growing dread lest they become victims themselves. These lords of the night know that even the mightiest of the Damned can be brought down.
...Except Ourselves
Compiled in the early part of this century, the Red List, also known as the Kindred Most Wanted, catalogues the crimes and horrors committed by these hated outlaws. When the Justicars themselves, the most powerful of Cainites, cannot apprehend their enemies, they make them Anathema, hunted by all vampires.
The Kindred Most Wanted includes:
  • Thirteen of the most feared creatures in the World of Darkness
  • The history of the Red List, the Anathema, and those who hunt them
  • A beginning story to introduce players to the horrors of the Kindred Most Wanted


Book One: Introduction

How to use the book and definitions for some terms.

Book Two: Redemption and Damnation

A single story about the Red List, Camarilla, Sabbat, and some Garou characters for the Storyteller.

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Other characters:


Alastor, Anathema (VTM), Red List, Hell Hound, Camarilla (VTM), Sabbat

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