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The Hierarchy is a splatbook for Wraith: The Oblivion. The book talks in depth about how the Hierarchy of Stygia works to lord over the wraiths of the western world.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Empire of the Dead...
The system. The establishment. The powers that be. Management. Since its inception, the Hierarchy has fostered an image of strength and invulnerability, power and omniscience. These are the masks through which the Hierarchy looks out upon the Underworld. These are the mirrors that reflect the faces of those who stand on the outside, looking in.
The Keepers of the Dream!
The Hierarchy exposes the bureaucracy of the Underworld, exploring the organization that is a character's greatest ally or worst enemy, depending on which side of the law she stands on. A must for anyone who wants to see the truth behind the masks.


Ghost Story: Verdicts

A Centurion is captured and tormented by both Renegades in a trial mocking those held by the Hierarchy.

Chapter One: Introduction: The Powers That Be

Notes on how to use the book, why wraiths may willingly join a Legion, and a Hierarchy Lexicon.

Chapter Two: Ex Libris: The History of the Hierarchy

From the Great Library of Stygia and the Annals of the Dead come the origins of the Hierarchy, from Charon and his Senators to the modern day Deathlords and Legions.

Chapter Three: Culture: Inside the Hierarchy

Details on the city of Stygia itself, as well as the pecking order of the Hierarchy, relations between the Legions, and what life is like for the average Hierarchy grunt.

Chapter Four: Hierarchy Archetypes

Character templates based in the Hierarchy.

Chapter Five: Legendary Hierarchs

Famous individuals of the Hierarchy.


Bits and pieces that do not fit in anywhere else, including new Hierarchy-specific Arcanoi abilities, Artifacts, Archetypes, and abilities. Includes details on the powerful masks of the Deathlords.

Background Information

  • Mike Danza did art for this book; his name was accidentally left out of the credits. He was later acknowledged in Dark Reflections: Spectres.
  • The chapter titles are shortened in the table of contents.
  • This is the first book to describe Stygia in any real detail; however, it is contradicted in some places by another description of Stygia in Ends of Empire.


  • General George S. Patton - Old Blood and Guts is here, and he is in the Legion of Paupers, of all places


Hierarchy, Legion (WTO)

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