The Harp is an Enchanted Mortal and protector of one of the great Treasures of House Leanhaun.


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The man who holds the title of The Harp is always an enchanted mortal. He holds both a real and symbolic position within the house, as the representative of those mortal Dreamers House Leanhaun plans to save and as the embodiment of the spirit of Edann. The Harp sits on the High Council alongside the leaders of the house and advises them on mortal affairs and the mortal point of view concerning House Leanhaun's plans.

Once per year, also during the Convocation of Leanhaun, enchanted mortals vie for the title in similar contests to those that decide who is The Rose. The winner also surrenders his name and is thenceforth known as The Harp. The most important of the tournaments are those testing imagination, talent, and intelligence. Candidates for the position are usually recommended by members of the house, but occasionally potent Dreamers feel attracted to the site of the tournament and arrive there as if drawn to compete. The mortal who has held the position for three years arrived at the convocation believing he was attending a music festival, won the competition, and agreed to join the house. A few months later, he became The Rose's lover and has won two competitions since. Those who accept the position are given the choice to surrender their office before the full year is up and remain with the house in some other capacity. Those who choose to vie to keep the title are usually too Ravaged to stay with the house when they inevitably lose Edann's Harp to another candidate.


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