The God-Machine Chronicle is a sourcebook for the World of Darkness. It serves as a rules revision of the core rules found in the World of Darkness: Storytelling System Rulebook. Many of the changes introduced here were carried over into the revision of the World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness game line and were incorporated into the Chronicles of Darkness Rulebook.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

"Here’s the question: Do you really want to know? Because it’s not like it’s a secret. It's just like your car - it doesn’t run by magic but it might as well, for all you know when you look under the hood."
Wesley Cote, AKA The Key
What Has Risen May Fall
What is the God-Machine? That question doesn't have a single, easy answer, but that doesn't stop people from asking. The World of Darkness is layer upon layer of mystery, but what is the mechanism that keeps it all moving? Is there a design in play? And what happens to those who think to use the Machine for their own ends?
What Has Fallen May Rise Again
A Chronicle Book for the World of Darkness©
  • A "default" chronicle, a way to introduce new players to the World of Darkness and experience one of its greatest mysteries
  • Choose the depth of madness that's right for your group, from local to cosmic!
  • A modular approach to building a chronicle, 20 different stories that fit together to form "chronicle tracks"
  • Revisions of many of the core rules from the World of Darkness Rulebook

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The God-Machine Chronicle serves as the first major rules revision for the Storytelling System. The major lines, such as Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, and Mage: The Awakening are being updated to reflect the changes from this book with Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle, The Idigam Chronicle, and The Fallen World Chronicle respectively. The other lines, such as Hunter: The Vigil are being updated with sourcebooks, while new lines like Demon: The Descent are being made with the new rule set in mind.

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What has risen must fall, what has fallen may rise again.

Voice of the Angel[1]

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