The Fallen World Chronicle Anthology is collection of short stories which combines some previously published MTAw fiction with wholly new stories to provide a richer look at both the occult mysteries of the World of Darkness and the mages obsessed with uncovering them. This book serves as a companion for Mage: The Awakening Second Edition.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

The world is a Lie
A prison for souls warped by an Abyss of madness. People Sleep through their lives, never knowing the wonders and terrors concealed from them. Awakened mages see the Lie for what it is, scratching the surface and uncovering the World of Darkness' Mysteries. Each is a revelation, a danger, an obsession in the making. Armed with magic and a need to know, mages confront the supernatural and unexplained.
The Fallen World Anthology contains 12 short stories (8 original to this collection) of magic and mystery, in celebration of the second edition of Mage: The Awakening.


The Hanged WomanEdit

by Wood Ingham

Open CarryEdit

by Matthew McFarland

The IntruderEdit

by Tristan J. Tarwater

Crimson LipsEdit

by Eddy Webb


by Geoff Skellams

The StorytellerEdit

by Rick Chillot

The Unmurdered ManEdit

by Malcolm Sheppard

The WheelEdit

by John Newman

Imaginary SkinEdit

by Wood Ingham

Custody BattleEdit

by Eric Zawadzki

The Tahmanawis StickEdit

by Geoff Skellams

The Human HeartEdit

by Malcolm Sheppard

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