The Crown is a Commoner of House Leanhaun charged with protecting one of the House's most potent Treasures.



As an enchanted mortal male and a female sidhe win the titles of The Rose and The Harp, commoners allied with the house vie for the position of The Crown. The fae entrusted with the Crown of Dreams, winner of the Convocation tournament, becomes one of the leaders of the Ritualist faction of the house. The Crown also serves as one of the three leaders of the Keepers of the Rose and as the leader of the Finders, charged with seeking out Dreamers and identifying the best way to approach them to begin a Rhapsody.

Currently, The Crown is a male satyr who has served in the position for only a year, besting the prior Crown in last year's tournament. Like The Rose and The Harp, he has abandoned his own name in favor of the title. The prior Crown, a female nocker, now holds a minor title and a small freehold of her own.


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