The Call is a term used by Malkavians to describe a Discipline power exclusive to their bloodline.


Heresy or prophesy is a decision for those who follow. But first you must join us, or the question doesn't arise.
  — Imogen, Malkavian antitribu[1]

Although many clan gatherings happen spontaneously, the Call arising from a general subconscious need shared by a city's Malkavian population, it is possible to send the Call deliberately. Both Auspex and Dementation offer the ability to send the Call, although it is a much easier art to perform when expressed through Dementation.

The Call as broadcasted is not a verbal thing; it merely conveys an impression of a place and a time. There is no sense of purpose, nor even the name of the gathering point; still, neither is really necessary. The Call is so instinctive that if an American Malkavian who did not speak a word of French were visiting Paris, and heard the Call, he had be able to follow his impressions and visions to the gathering place as readily as any native Lunatic.


The vampire using the Call must be a Malkavian who has mastered Auspex level 8 or Dementation level 6. To send the Call, the Malkavian rolls Perception + Empathy, difficulty 6. As always, other clan members will hear (and attend if they so choose) only if they make their Malkavian Time rolls.

  • 1 success = All Malkavians within three city blocks are reached
  • 3 successes = All Malkavians within a three-mile radius are reached
  • 5 successes = All Malkavians within a 10-mile radius are reached
  • 7 successes = The city's entire Malkavian population are reached
  • 10 successes = All Malkavians within the greater metropolitan area are reached
  • 13 successes = All Malkavians within 300 miles are reached
  • 15 successes = All Malkavians on the continent are reached
  • 20 successes = Every Malkavian in the world are reached



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