The Books of Sorcery Volume V - The Roll of Glorious Divinity II - Ghosts and Demons is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
A Guide to the Spirits of Malfeas and the Underworld
In this fifth of Exalted’s five Books of Sorcery, the nature and powers of the myriad of ghosts and demons that have endangered Creation since the Primordial War are explored. Eschewing the Cycle of Reincarnation, ghosts are an affront to the natural order, bringing more power to the Neverborn through their very existence, and even more so through the ancestor cults, which promote ghost worship. Demons, meanwhile, are the spawn of the imprisoned Yozis, called forth from Malfeas to do the will of powerful sorcerers or escaped into the world where they might cause havoc and do the will of their trapped progenitors. Will the returned Lawgivers succeed in curbing these spirits’ effect on Creation, or are even the Solars endangered by the machinations of these beings and their dire masters?
A Magical Sourcebook for Exalted®, Second Edition
  • Contains complete stats for a myriad of demons
  • Examines the art of summoning demons to do one’s bidding
  • Features complete rules for playing heroic ghosts, including their unique Charms, the Arcanoi



Chapter One: The Demon HierarchyEdit

Chapter Two: DemonologyEdit

Chapter Three: The Roll of DemonsEdit

Chapter Four: The Unlives of GhostsEdit

Chapter Five: Ghost Character Creation and TraitsEdit

Chapter Six: ArcanoiEdit

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Arcanos, Calendar of Setesh, effigy, fetich, fetter, hun, hungry ghost, Lethe, Malfeas, Neverborn, Oblivion, plasmic, soulsteel, Underworld, Whispers, Yozi

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