Authors: Ray Fawkes, Christopher Kobar and Chuck Wendig
Additional Material by: Will Hindmarch
Developer: Ray Fawkes with Will Hindmarch
Creative Director: Rich Thomas
Art Director: Craig Grant
Art Director: Craig Grant
Book Design: Brian Glass
Interior Art: Joel Biske, Trevor Claxton, Dave Kang, Michel Koch, Mathias Kollros, Cathy Wilkins
Front Cover Art: Aleksi Briclot
Barbed-wire Bleeder: Chris McDonough
Freedom Logs: Mike Chaney
In-House Satyr: Craig Grant
In-House Wookiee: Brian Glass
Meat Vision (Blessed): Will Hindmarch
Meat Vision (Accursed): Will Hindmarch
Beard Shaver: the matt
Narc: Ned Coker
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: June 13, 2007
Pages: 144
Year: 2007
Publication #: WW 25002
Reference #: ISBN 978-1-58846-268-8
PDF: Bullet-rpg
Price: $24.99 US

The Blood: The Player's Guide to the Requiem is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Requiem. It serves as a player's handbook, giving new insight on both the in-character and rules considerations of the Kindred condition.

Summary Edit

From the Onyx Path catalog:

“I hear you talking.
I recognize your voice.
I feel you, your skin.
I see you looking at me.
I know you’re saying something.
But all I hear, all I see,
all I smell is
— Saphé, the Shadow of Glasgow
This book is:
  • The definitive handbook for Vampire players, containing unique new insights into the Requiem. Read what it feels like to use a vampire’s supernatural powers and learn how the Kindred think the Blood works.
  • A new look at all the core mechanisms of the game, from Predator's Taint to the Embrace. Discover updated examinations at how these rules work and how to put them to use in your own chronicles.
  • New essays and examinations on how to create characters for Vampire: The Requiem — and how to use dramatic storytelling techniques to bring them to life at the game table.

Prologue: The Blood Edit

Fiction by Christopher Kobar. Reyner strays from his usual hunting grounds and meets a new companion.

Introduction Edit

A description of the purpose and contents of the book, including a Developer's Foreword titled "The Truth" from Will Hindmarch.

Chapter One: Kindred Characters Edit

An in-depth guide to Kindred character creation.

Chapter Two: Properties of the Blood Edit

An in-character and rules examination of all the special rules found in Chapter Three of the VTR: Vampire: The Requiem Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip.

Chapter Three: Vampire Psychology Edit

A Kindred-eye-view of vampire existence, from the basics of the Beast to how it feels to use Disciplines and the emotional impact of important vampiric experiences like the Embrace.

Epilogue: The Blood (Reprise) Edit

Fiction. Concludes the story told in the prologue.

Background InformationEdit

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