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The Avarice Chronicle: The Collected Edition is a sourcebook for Mummy: The Curse, combining all three parts of The Avarice Chronicle from prior Mummy sourcebooks into one.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

You so-called ‘arisen’ and your mighty Wheel.
That wheel… Fate itself… is as clay in my hands. I am not he who spins and spins until he is sick, but he who turns the wheel. I am the hand that ascended from the spoke, and into the maw.
You people. You miserable, unknowing wretches. You children of a lost pattern.
You are not even witnesses to my ascent, but merely details in the scenery of the tapestry. And when your turn of the wheel comes round, you will kneel or you will cease to be.
Only I understand. Only I have peered through the darkness between the stars and glimpsed the true pattern that lies beyond. Only I will judge and be judged.
You will grasp the wheel, and you will make your roll, and in the end, you will know my truth.
We are what we eat.
We are what we eat.
We are what we eat.
— Ankh-il Bankole, the Roller
This book includes:
  • The compiled in-house chronicle of the Mummy setting, combining Crucible of Fate (from Guildhalls of the Deathless), The Trail of Heresy (from Book of the Deceived), and Pearl of Ascent (from Sothis Ascends).
  • Over 20 complete, ready-to-run Storyteller characters representing the chief figures with whom players must interact during the story, including the Heretic and the Roller themselves.

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