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The Autumn People is a supplement for Changeling: The Dreaming that discusses the Dauntain and other sources of Banality. It is part of the Year of the Hunter line theme.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Changeling's Year of the Hunter book features the Autumn People, perhaps the most dangerous enemy that a changeling can face. Armed not with weapons but with their disbelief, Autumn People are the most feared foes of all. This book provides extensive information on these servants of Banality.

From the back of the book:

The Coming Darkness...
The world is a very inhospitable place for the fae, and now it has become a little worse. Autumn People are everywhere. They are your teacher, banker, grocer, accountant: anyone who brings dullness and tedium to the world. Once their kind was rare, but their numbers are growing. Their very existence ears away Glamour, destroying both chimera and changeling alike, driving them into the Mists.
Nowhere to Hide...
Once creatures of magic and Glamour, now dark and twisted - they hunt that which they cannot accept. These are the Dauntain: those who have turned their backs on the world of the fae. Some whisper that this may one day be the fate of all changelings.
The Autumn People Features:
  • Full details for including both the Autumn People and the Dauntain in your chronicle.
  • New magic, dealing with the forces of Banality.
  • Famous Dauntain for inclusion in your chronicle.



A brief introductory fiction from the point of view of a Changeling who became Dauntain.


Notes on how to use this book, inspirational material, and a lexicon.

Chapter One: Watching at the Window

In-character perspective regarding the ways in which changelings struggle against Banality through different stages of life.

Chapter Two: The Chill of Winter

An exploration of the ways Banality warps the fae world. Includes a discussion of Banal chimera with examples, both animate and inanimate. Also includes a discussion of the Undoing and a mechanical system to track the process of Fading in high-Banality changelings, and ways to counteract it.

Chapter Three: Gathering Leaves

A discussion of the classification of Autumn People with six example stereotypes.

Chapter Four: The Dauntain

A discussion of the Dauntain, describing six Dooms and providing mechanical support for ways that Dauntain interact with Glamour and Banality.

Chapter Five: Storytelling

Tips for running chronicles where the players take the roles of Dauntain.

Chapter Six: The Powers of Autumn

Mechanics for Dauntain Agendas: Burnout, Stultify, and Webcraft.

Note: The mechanics of Webcraft were unintentionally omitted from this chapter. They were later printed as errata in the Changeling Players Guide.

Appendix: Infamous Dauntain

Six sample Dauntain with full statistics and backstory, and one kinain hunter.

Background Information

This was the Year of the Hunter book for Changeling: The Dreaming.

Memorable Quotes

"Playing fantastic creatures is easy. We can all imagine how simple life would be if we had magical powers of superhuman abilities. In this game, however, you must play a normal person in a normal world. You must protect yourself from the world of imagination by playing someone who is perfectly ordinary. We all know how easy it is to kill a vampire or roam the earth as an undead zombie. This, however, is nothing compared to filling out a tax form or getting car insurance." - Günter Häagen•Däaz, from the Introduction to Black Dog Game Factory's Human: The Protagonist



Dauntain, O'Tolley's, Banality, The Fading, Heavy Sleeper, Autumn Fae, Human: The Protagonist (Black Dog Factory), Cantrips, Stigmas: Conversion, Disbelief, Erasure, Hated, Iron Ward, Numb and Ravage; Quixote Syndrome, The Toybox,

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