The Ashen Thief is a supplement for Vampire: The Dark Ages about the organizations of the Kindred criminals that roam the Dark Medieval period, and how they hope to influence the world at large.


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Thieves in the Night
Stolen blood, stolen coin and stolen lives, the childer of Caine know all three. Beyond the courts of princes and voivodes, vampires earn their bloody way in the city streets and bandit warrens. They stake out their own informal principalities among the growing cities and lawless woods. Murder, larceny and trickery are their tools often used against the very elders who consider them beneath notice.
Flames of Revolt
The Ashen Thief is a complete guide for players and Storytellers of the unliving tricksters, bandits and thieves of Vampire: The Dark Ages. It covers vampiric involvement in the banditry and growing panoply of crimes in medieval cities. It also covers the sects that use crime and larceny as a cover for their struggle against the princes of the Long Night: the subtle Prometheans and the violent Furores.


Prelude: A Rat in the KitchenEdit

Written by Geoffrey C. Grabowski. A Tzimisce thief confronts one of their own in his Haven.

Introduction: Beneath the Notice of KingsEdit

An explanation of the purpose of the book, types of thieves usually seen in the Dark Medieval era, as well as a list of extended reading and internet resources.

Chapter One: In Darkened StreetsEdit

Written by Sarah Roark. A short story, "O Fortuna", followed by information on the laws of mortals and kindred in the Dark Medieval period, reasons for Cainites to turn criminal, and information on the kindred criminal organization, the Prometheans, who wish to rebuild Carthage.

Chapter Two: Wearing the Wolf's HeadEdit

Written by Sarah Roark. On the benefits, complications, and issues of becoming a kindred highwayman, robber-king, or pirate.

Chapter Three: Flames of the FuroresEdit

Written by Geoffrey C. Grabowski. The history and agenda of the Furores, a confederation of Kindred who have escaped their sires and servitude and are now on the run from Cainite law as a result. They want change, but, given their mistreatment in the past, not violence. Includes information on the most common clans to produce Furores, as well as their few safe havens in Europe.

Appendix: Mavericks and CutpursesEdit

Written by Sarah Roark. Character templates for different types of Kindred thieves.

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Furores, Promethean (VTM)

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