The Artisan's Handbook is a sourcebook for Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade concerning the High Artisans of the Daedalean League.


Fantastic Dreams
Genuine Renaissance men, the High Artisans of the Daedalean league master the Arts of Shaping, Forces and Naming. Mingling the disciplines of art, imagination and physical craftsmanship with the mystick theories of Sacred Geometry and elemental correspondence, they fashion great machines, fantastic vehicles and awe-inspiring weaponry.
Fantastic Creations
This book details Daedalean guilds and skills, politics among the lodges, and the theories of the reasoning Arts. Here are the High Magick machinae and devices that would turn da Vinci green with envy. And of course, we have to include systems and Storyteller hints for all those mad inventions that go awry.

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The First Instruction: Ars Longa, Vita BrevisEdit

The Second Instruction: The Great WorkEdit

The Third Instruction: Trade SecretsEdit

The Fourth Instruction: Masters of the ArtEdit

The Fifth Instruction: The Craft SupremeEdit


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Scourge, Device, Ars Praeclarus

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