Written by: Bill Bridges
Additional Material by: Kerry Thornley
Developed by: Andrew Greenberg
Edited by: Robert Hatch
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Layout & Typesetting: Sam Chupp
Art: Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Jesper Myrfors, Max Fellwalker
Cover: Chris McDonough
Layout: Michelle Prahler, Sam Chupp
Back Cover: Chris McDonough

Amber Bird, Steve Bishop, Stephan "Wolfgang" Bloch, Jennifer Brooks, Tristan M. Duarte, Michelle Elder, Aaren Farnham, Jeff Harris, Fuzzy L. Hatten, Rob Hillard III, Jane lzumoto, Arch LjepavaJr., Jack Ravenlock, Tim Sedlack, Jesse Stephens, Jillian Sutter, Jherek Swanger, B.J. West, Paige S. Woron, Wayne Young

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Mark "Karpov" Rein•Hagen, for trying to mate at the con.
Stewart "Big Ball" Wieck, for pumping it up in the rocking chair.
Rob "Scammin'" Hatch, for finagling the last-minute Velvet passes.
Andrew "Slammin'" Greenberg, for puttin' the fear of Yog into the yuppie scum at Velvet.
Ken "Super Car" Cliffe, for his great love of a vehicle which breaks down more than Andrew's.
Josh "Aladdin" Timbrook, for sending Chris into frenzy over the comparison with "Beauty and the Beast."
Wes "Love of Flying" Harris, for having Delta send his bags in the opposite direction from himself (got any underwear yet?).
Rene "Car Woes" Lilly, for the game she's developing to deal with her search.
Travis "Ecstasy" Williams, for his reaction to the CES show in Vegas.
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Sam "Homeboy" Chupp, for getting to devote himself to the kids.
Chris "Cottage Cheese" McDonough, for his fear of the Great Unknown.
William "Sucka" Hale, for getting Andrew to write his bio for "Blue Blood."
Bill "Chaplin X" Bridges, for demanding the return of long, long, long cinematic extravaganzas.
Benjamin "Challenged" Monk, Jr., for getting to develop his first game.
Lyndi "SqueakyU" Hathaway, for the disappearing voice trick.
Michelle "Headbanger" Prahler, for communing with the table.

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1993
Pages: 89
Publication #: WW 02207
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-048-1
Online: Bullet-rpg
Price: PDF: $9.00

The Anarch Cookbook is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade detailing the Anarch movement and its beginnings.


From the White Wolf catalog:

From The Agony of Oppression
The elders kick everyone else around. It seems like a vampire has no purpose in this world except as a punching bag for the old ones. They'll knock you down, push you around and force you to do their vile bidding. That is, when they're not drinking you dry.
To The Ecstasy of Freedom
But you are not alone. We are the anarchs, and we are the future. Read this book, and learn why the elders despise us. Read it, and learn of the lies they tell. Read it, and learn why we are so feared. The Anarch Cookbook includes: the weapons, strategies and tactics of the anarchs, usable by players and Storytellers; the history of the Anarch Movement, from its beginnings millennia ago to the Anarch Free States today; biographies of prominent anarchs, as well as their immortal arch-enemy.



Preface: An Anarch ManifestoEdit

Chapter One: Joining the CauseEdit

Chapter Two: The RevoltEdit

Chapter Three: Weapons for the FightEdit

Chapter Four: War!Edit

Postscript: Pleading Your CaseEdit

Appendix One: Who's Who Among the AnarchsEdit

Appendix Two: Anarch SlangEdit

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