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Thallain Collage

Thallain are the Unseelie cousins of the Kithain, servants of the Fomorians created from primal, savage dreams.


The major difference between the two depends on edition; in Changeling: The Dreaming Second Edition, while Kithain each have a Seelie and Unseelie Legacy, the Thallain possess two Unseelie Legacies – a Thallain can never possess any Seelie legacy nor can they be part of the Seelie Court. In 20th Edition, Thallain instead have a normal Legacy (usually Unseelie, but not always), and a Nightmare Legacy that implores them to acts of selfishness and cruelty.


The various Thallain kith and their related Kithain kith are as follows:

The following Thallain kiths were only introduced in C20 and were not present in prior editions:

See also: gallain, adhene


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