Tepet Fokuf is an unpleasant nonentity, chosen by the Deliberative because of his profound disinterest in politics, his incompetence, lack of willpower and general expendability should the Empress return and eliminate whomever sits on the throne when she returns. Fokuf spends practically all of his time masturbating to the more explicit passages in the Immaculate Texts.

In one of the alternate scenarios offered in Exalted: The Autochthonians, Tepet Fokuf is a considerably more Machiavellian figure. Hiding his ambition and talent in a thick veneer of incompetence and addle-mindedness, he takes over the Realm and declares himself Emperor.

It has been suggested by some that "Fokuf" is an in-joke, actually meaning "fuck-off," as in "the Empress' replacement is a fuck-off." Certainly, fokuf spelled backwards is fukof.
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