Teotukapis was a Follower of Set during the Dark Ages, who had been tasked to negotiate an alliance between her Clan and the Assamites.


It is known that Teotukapis was active in Damascus, lending her aid to the local Assamites who searched for Baali that, according to rumors, had a great lair underneath the city. She worked together with the Assamite Vizier Mahmoud al-Asran whom she later approached by the wishes of her elders.

The Followers of Set desired to ally with the Children of Haqim to purge the Children of Judas, a heretical sect sprung from Constantinople who reveled in demonolatry, reducing Set to just another infernal beast in the service of Satan. As the heresy spread through Europe after Constantinople's fall with alarming rates, the Hierophants sought to unleash the Assamites against them and the Baali that fell in line with them.

In exchange, the Clan offered Alamut aid in dispelling the Blood Curse of the Baali laid down in 636 CE, as well as support in inspiring the Arab populace to drive out the infidels from the Middle East. As neither came to pass and both Clans have long feuded against each other, it is likely that the Assamites refused to bargain with the Snake Clan.


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