Tenere is one of the three aspects of the Ananasi. The Tenere aspect produces werespiders attuned with the Weaver.


Of all Damhàn, Tenere have the best control over their emotions and pay the most attention to order and pattern. They aim to restore the Weaver to her original aspect, not the mad-out-of-control creature she has become. Tenere value neatness in their personal lives, order in their relationships, and pattern in their day-to-day activities. Logical, calculating, and precise, they strive to maintain stability in the Great Web, and to embody the Weaver in everything they do.


Aspect GiftsEdit

• Groom (Level One)
• Patience of Ananasa (Level One)
• Beneath Notice (Level Two)
• Breath of Ananasa (Level Two)
• Mother's Look (Level Three)
• Reshape Object (Level Three)
• Understanding the Tapestry (Level Four)
• Web Sheet (Level Four)
• Thieving Touch of Spiders (Level Five)


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