Tenebrea is an Unseelie Sidhe Grump of House Liam and member of the Shadow Court.

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Tenebrea is the goblin that House Liam grumps use to frighten their childlings into behaving when nothing else works. He has been a figure of fear ever since the Resurgence, rumored to appear in the dead of winter wherever House Liam grows too strong. By the time summer comes, or so rumor has it, Tenebrea vanishes again, leaving only the traces of his punishment behind him.

House legends say that he (or she; while most assume he's male, there's no real proof) is a member of the Shadow Court who once was among the noblest of the Seelie. It is not known why his Unseelie side has grown so strong. Some say that his liege lord fell prey to chimera spawned of an Autumn Person's nightmares and others believe that his brother slew his greatest friend. Liam scholars give the most credence to the theory that he loved a Liam lass who spurned him, so his love darkened to hatred and vengeance.

Regardless of Tenebrea's history, he has preyed on the house for two decades. While he does not challenge the stronger house freeholds (the Duchy of Tulips has been safe from him, as have those of the house who are historians and scholars to other lords) once every every two years he strikes silently at those he considers over-arrogant. He does not always manage to kill his targets, but that is always his goal.

Duke Gwilliam has placed a price on Tenebrea's head, as has Baroness Grayswan: Tenebrea is one of the infrequent matters in which they are in agreement. That the Baroness has learned and the duke has not is that Tenebrea was once of House Liam. She is keeping this information private while she investigates Tenebrea's reasons for joining the Shadow Court, for the changeling who unravels the secret of Tenebrea and stops his depredations will gain great status in the house.

References Edit

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