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Tempered Arcanoi are the products of combining one Arcanos with another. They resemble the alloyed Arcanoi of the Ferrymen, although they require considerably more effort to learn. First, one of the Arcanoi to be learned, generally the one the tempered Arcanos most resembles in effect, must be possessed by the wraith at level five. Second, the wraith must learn the "secondary" Arcanos involved up to the appropriate level, even if they already possess it. The subsequent process of tempering generally requires months of experimentation and continuous investment of Pathos, but the ultimate result can be powers outside the ken of other wraiths.

Animate the Dead (Puppetry 5, Usury 2): Animate a recently dead body for a brief period.

Masquerade (Embody 5, Moliate 2): Manifest in the Skinlands as someone or something else.

Mirror Monster (Pandemonium 5, Phantasm 2): When a mortal looks into a mirror, manifest their deepest fears within.

Shadowstrength (Usury 5, Castigate 3): Rumored to have been created by Spectres and passed on by wraiths in Catharsis, this power enables the empowerment of another's Shadow, granting them Angst.

Wraith: The Oblivion Arcanoi
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