Name: Tellurians
Nicknames: Mapmakers
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium
Arcana: Space

The Tellurians are a Legacy that deals heavily with the concept of power lines, called Ley lines.


Ley lines and the power they carry have existed longer than human memory, and man has attempted to harness this unseen power to his advantage ever since their discovery. By focusing the energy that courses over the Earth, the ancients were able to influence natural and unnatural occurrences wherever the energy flowed. They could cause crops to produce untold harvests, or create blight that led to starvation and death. They could inspire wisdom and understanding or fuel depravity and breed despair. And, through careful control of resonance, the Tellurians could aid in the creation of a nation or bring one to its knees. Wherever people have sought to control the power these lines possess, the Tellurians have always been nearby. Ever since the fall of Atlantis, these mages have dedicated their lives to understanding the power that flows from node to node. They have amassed vast libraries of maps detailing ley lines all over the world. However, as the world evolves and changes, so does the energy that flows around it.

The work of the Tellurians is never done because the lines are constantly shifting. The original Tellurians were a disparate lot. Each discovered the power of the ley lines within their own cultures and learned to manipulate them as they advanced along their chosen Paths. Eventually they stumbled across other members of other Paths and orders who shared their interests, and the first Telluric Council was formed. They agreed that the ley lines should be observed and manipulated only for the prosperity of mankind. To enforce their will, they created the Telluric Wardens, a militant division that punishes those offenders who dare to destroy or manipulate ley lines for destructive purposes.