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We are the children of the Roman tufa and we are the vermin that built your empires.

The Telamones, also known as House Telamones are a bloodline of the Nosferatu clan, a lineage believed to have originated with Telamon the Rat, a Nosferatu of Dalmatian extraction, who had been in life a student of Pythagoras. Apparently, this elder brokered the freedom of his bloodline in exchange for the establishment of the catacombs in Rome. They escaped the fall of Rome and the Camarilla thanks to their knowledge of the underground world (which they dug), and spread far and wide.

Their reputation started to grow in the Middle Ages, working for all clans without distinctions: building safes for the Ventrue, palaces for the Daeva, temples for the Mekhet. The only exception was the Gangrels, who preferred to stay in the wilds.

In modern nights, they inspire respect (if not fear, for they are, as a bloodline, practitioners of the Amaranth) from the Daeva, the Ventrue and even the Invictus, which is no small feat in itself... As such, they belong to the Invictus, acting as a kind of "House".

They are the architects and engineers of the Nosferatu, and as such, use widely of the need others groups or covenants have of them.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Nosferatu clan

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