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Tegyrius is a 5th-generation Assamite of the Vizier Caste who, with Al-Ashrad, led the Preservationist Assamites to join the Camarilla. He is one of the favorites to be appointed as the first Assamite Justicar.


As a mortal, Tegyrius served in Alexander the Great's army.[2] Embraced into the clan as a member of the Vizier Caste, Tegyrius has long believed the stories that the children of Haqim were meant to be judges. Most of his existence has been spent in this role: as an anonymous arbiter in disputes between Cainites, within the Byzantine Courts as the Codex Justinianus was compiled, or prowling like a hunting wolf and slaying with apparent contempt for his victims.

He has served several times as the Vizier, the first after the 1204 sack of Constantinople (after which he disappeared for several centuries) and then elected again in 1801, remaining in Alamut until Ur-Shulgi's return. He also held for some time the Seat of Dust and Bone on the Council of Scrolls. Thought of the Vizier caste, he considers himself a military man, regardless of what any of the Warrior Caste might think of such a claim. Tegyrius has always shown a flair for military history and tactics, rivaled by his skill as a master linguist and any accent that a listener can detect in his speech is a conscious choice on his part.

Tegyrius still maintains the short pointed beard he wore in life. He was Embraced near the end of his military career, and the gray hair in his beard and at his temples stands in sharp contrast to the pure black of his skin. He still walks with a slight limp, the result of a shattered thigh that never healed properly, but centuries of practice allow him to minimize its effects. 

Gehenna Timeline

During the Final Nights, Tegyrius fled Alamut and joined the Camarilla with Al-Ashrad to escape the wrath of Ur-Shulgi. He is one of the favorites to be appointed as the first Assamite Justicar in the Camarilla.

In Gehenna: The Final Night, Tegyrius agrees with Hardestadt's plan to frame the Alamut loyalists under Ur-Shulgi for the Withering. Shortly after, he enters his haven and finds himself surrounded by a mist of desert sand. Recognising Haqim, he apologizes for betraying his clan and is turned into dust.

V20 Timeline

Believe, Tremere, if it pleases you to do so, that you and your kind know more of blood magic than one who mastered it before the rise of Sumer. But I tell you now — your Clan did nothing to mine that we did not permit.
  — Tegyrius to Ian Carfax

Ur-Shulgi has yet to fully awaken, but he has begun to communicate via dreams with dedicated followers of the Path of Blood. Knowing the Black Shepherd will soon rise from torpor and begin culling the clan, Tegyrius and Al-Ashrad lead the "Preservationist Assamites" (Schismatics) to the Camarilla. If the Camarilla accepts their proposal, Al-Ashrad would join the Inner Circle while Tegyrius would become the first Assamite Justicar.

V5 Timeline

Tegyrius has entered a mutual blood bond with Victoria Ash. The bond was consecrated in a blood wedding in Tehran known as the Vermilion Wedding, which symbolically represents a bond and alliance between the Ashirra and Camarilla.

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