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Technomancer's Toybox is a guidebook about the artifacts, devices, rotes, and procedures of Technomancers in Mage: The Ascension Second Edition.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Wake-Up Time, Kiddies!!!!
Why should the mysticks have all the fun? Across the boards of Dr. Volcano's Forbidden Website, we uncover dozens of gadgets, widgets, inventions and killing machines from the vaults of the Virtual Adepts, Sons of Ether, Technocracy and other random sources.
Tomorrow Can Fit in the Palm of Your Hand!
A long-awaited sourcebook for high-tech magick, The Technomancer's Toybox includes:
  • A collection of neat stuff for Virtual Adepts, Sons of Ether, Technocrats and others;
  • Storyteller hints for technomagical gadgets;
  • Weapons, armor, vehicles, web gear and more.




Link 1: The Virtual Adept Shop

Link 2: The Etherites

Link 3: Black Hats & Mirrorshades

Link 4: Other Technomancers

Appendix: Hardware

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