Technocracy Assembled 2 is an omnibus of the Technocracy: Syndicate and Technocracy: Void Engineers sourcebooks, all of which were out-of-print at that point of time.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Control Today
The Technocracy strives for its own brand of Ascension. In the Technocrats' ideal world, order rules, creativity is outlawed and the human soul is dead. Perhaps, but it's a small price to pay. The Technocracy promises purpose, health and prosperity for all. One person's heaven is another person's hell.
Order Tomorrow
Technocracy Assembled combines out-of-print Mage: The Ascension supplements under one cover. Volume 2 includes the valuable players guides Technocracy: Syndicate and Technocracy: Void Engineers. The Technocracy is ascendant. Do you rise or fall?
Technocracy Assembled Volume 2 features:
  • The motives and goals of two of the Technocracy's most vital divisions
  • Rules for playing Technocrats
  • Powers unique to the Technocracy and its followers. No mage can do what you can.

Contents Edit

Technocracy: Syndicate Edit

Main article: Technocracy: Syndicate

An examination of the Syndicate, presented as a series of files and surveillance taken by the Traditions.

Technocracy: Void Engineers Edit

Main article: Technocracy: Void Engineers

An examination of the Void Engineers presented as a "story" told by an Engineer stranded with several other supernaturals somewhere in the Umbra.

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