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Technocracy: Void Engineers is the first sourcebook about the Void Engineers Convention of the Technocracy. It was later revised in Convention Book: Void Engineers.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Something's out there...
...and the Void Engineers are sworn to track it, trace it, explore it, and, if need be, exterminate it. Deep seas. Deep space. Alternate dimensions. Virtual reality. The places too odd for most Technocracy agents are this Convention's playgrounds. The sense of wonder that drives them, however, might also spell their destruction. All around, their enemies gather – greedy for their secrets, jealous of their freedom. The ultimate peril, though, might come from within. After all, can even the Engineers touch the stars without getting burned?
All You Think You Know is Wrong
Technocracy: Void Engineers is the fourth in the insider's-view series about the Technomancer Conventions. this look at the Union's loosest cannons includes: Details about the ships, Devices, weapons and mages who explore and defend the hidden places. A detailed Umbral cruiser and its crew. Organization secrets, ranks, relationships and more.


Stage One: Tales From the Great Deep

Chapter One: Illuminating Dark Corners

Chapter Two: A Society of Strangers

Stage Two: Icarus Wings

Chapter Three: Voidtech

Chapter Four: Anastasia X156 B-58

Background Information

This Convention Book is combined with Technocracy: Syndicate in the Technocracy Assembled 2 compendium.

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