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Technocracy: Progenitors is the first sourcebook about a Convention of the Technocracy from Mage: The Ascension. It was later added to the Technocracy Assembled 1 compendium.

The revised edition is called Convention Book: Progenitors.


From the White Wolf 1993-94 catalog:

"Ever since the mage Copernicus changed the entire structure of the universe in 1543, reality has been under the sway of the Technocracy. One of the five Conventions of the Technocracy is the Progenitors, mages who have turned genetic science to their will. Mortals look forward to the day when genetic engineering is possible. For the Progenitors, that's living in the past. This sourcebook takes a closer look at these mages as it explores their motivations, organization and special powers."

From the Back Cover:

Masters of the Body...
The Progenitors, life-shapers of the Technocracy, wage a shadowy war to shape reality for the common good. To this end, they poison foods, create clones, spawn monstrosities and warp both themselves and others, inside and out.
...Monsters of the Soul.
Technocracy: Progenitors is a Convention sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension covering the hierarchies, methodologies, tools and tactics of the genetic wizards. It includes:
  • An apprentice's journal, following his progress through Progenitor training
  • New spells, effects and devices for the Progenitors, and
  • A battle roster of Technomancers, agents, and gene-spliced monsters


Book One: The Student's Journal

Chapter One: The Doors Open

Progenitor Methodologies:

Chapter Two: The Maze of Secrets

Book Two: Systems

Chapter Three: Order of Battle

Battle Roster

Progenitor Characters:

  • Student (Pg. 48)
  • Research Associate (Pg. 48)
  • Primary Investigator (Pg. 48)
  • Research Director (Pg. 49)

Non-Awakened Support Staff (Consors and Acolytes):

  • Technician (Pg. 49)
  • Street Operative (Pg. 49)
  • The Recruiter (Pg. 49-50)
  • Replacement Clones (Pg. 50)

Examples of Homegrown Nasties:

  • "Pander" (Black Cat with a frog's tongue) (Pg. 50)
  • "Emmanuel" (Tiny hairless Chihuahua with vampire bat wings and fangs) (Pg. 50)
  • "Lady" (Large Rottweiler) (Pg. 50)

Damage Control Monsters:

  • Cephalopoid (Octopus or Humboldt Current squid with a human face and brain) (Pg. 51)
  • Sauroids (Humanoid reptiles) (Pg. 51-52)
  • Dracosaurs (Resemble dragons with multiple legs and multiple sets of eyes) (Pg. 52-53)

Chapter Four: Progenitor Construct

Commonwealth Trio Laboratory: Research Construct of Richmond

A cluster of three labs in Virginia connected to the Progenitor Horizon Realm: EcoR.

Suggested Reading

  • Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
  • The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton
  • The White Plague by Frank Herbert
  • Post-Mortem by Patricia Cornwell
  • Books and essays by Stephen Jay Gould
  • The Cartoon Guide to Genetics by Larry Gonick and Mark Wheelis

Background Information

Technocracy: Progenitors was later bundled into the Technocracy Assembled 1 omnibus.


An art piece with werewolves (Pg. 33) by Dan Smith was also similarly used in Caerns: Places of Power.

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