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Technocracy: Iteration X is the Mage: The Ascension First Edition sourcebook for the Iteration X Convention.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Machine is Perfection
Free will is a danger. Hope is an illusion. Flesh is weak. Only through the Machine can humanity rise above its inevitable destruction. Iteration X understands this. Anyone who does not must be convinced.
We are the Machine
From the dark reaches of Autochthonia to the cybernetic fantasies of Hollywood, Iteration X marches into the future with a vision of clockwork perfection. Feared and shunned, this Convention knows that when the time is right, all will understand. This Technocracy sourcebook gives the Machine's-eye view of Ascension. And the Machine is never wrong.
Technocracy: Iteration X includes:
  • The history, world-view, goals and tactics of the Convention.
  • An order of battle detailing the stormtroopers of the Pogrom.
  • An Iteration X production facility for Mage Storytellers.


Demo: 1110010100

Drive A: Hardcopy

Disk One: Initialized

Disk Two: Clockwork Convention

Drive B: Systems

Drive Three: Essential Data

Drive Four: Construct of Iteration X

Background Information

Technocracy: Iteration X was later included in the Technocracy Assembled 1 omnibus.

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BioMechanics, Statisticians, Time-Motion Managers

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