Team Tomorrow (also called T2M) was created by Project Utopia to be an emergency-response team of specially trained operatives who deal with crises around the globe.

Team Tomorrow currently boasts 40 members stationed at 4 main headquarters. Working with the T2M novas are over 400 baseline support personnel.

Birth of a DreamEdit

Project Utopia introduced Team Tomorrow to the world on January 1, 1999. Two days later, Team Tomorrow smashed its way into the headquarters of Islamic Dawn, a terrorist group based in Al-Burhan, Iran. Despite the fact the terrorists were armed with Russian assault rifles and shoulder-launched SAMs, Caestus Pax and his six teammates were able to secure the compound within three minutes without suffering so much as a scratch. The members of Islamic Dawn were taken to an American federal prison and awaited trial.

Just one week after Team Tomorrow's creation. They held another press conference in the Manhattan Rashoud facility. They were looking for new recruits.

Initial Team RosterEdit

Growing PainsEdit

Although Team Tomorrow and Project Utopia in general had a great track record of helping those in need, the United States government found it increasingly uncomfortable to have a foreign military on its own soil. So, they were asked to find another residence. In October of 2001, Team Tomorrow moved its headquarters to Venice, Italy (See Team Tomorrow-Europe).

Just a few months later (January 2002) it became clear that Team Tomorrow was not going to give up on North America so easily when Team Tomorrow was split up into two teams. One team remained in Venice, Italy; while the other moved down to Mexico City, Mexico (See Team Tomorrow Americas). Both teams immediately began recruiting drives.

The Growing YearsEdit


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