Tassia is a Seelie cat Pooka Wilder and ward of Duke Pwyffelt.

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Tassia's guardian is an influential Concordian Pooka noble. A promising musician, she came to New York to study music. Unfortunately, she came to Eldon Kurtz' attention. Intrigued, he ordered her captured for further analysis. Kurtz doesn't understand her abilities, although he recognized her as possessing a "static magic equivalent" of the Correspondence Sphere (her Wayfare Arts). Progenitor drugs prevent her from using her abilities while awake or even remembering her past. When sleeping, though, her mind becomes active and free from Banality. When the Midnight Circus arrived, her sleeping Wayfare abilities activated. She "sleep teleports" to the circus to explore.

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Tassia is a pretty girl in her late teens. She has short, blonde, shag hair and usually wears upscale grunge clothes. In her fae mien she has a long cat tail that curls around her ankles, cat ears, and downy fur along her cheeks. Her animal form is a sleek, reddish-gold house cat.

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That's the last time Tassia comes to New York. The world used to be such a happy place; she had friends, a lovely home. She has dreams about being a faerie princess which is silly, isn't it? Isn't it? Real or not, she's not about to share that with them. She came to New York for music school. Some men grabbed her and she wound up here; wherever here is. They keep her drugged and she can't remember how to use her canned-trips (?) to escape. Only her dreams sustain her now. In her dreams she almost remembers.

References Edit

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