Tarbaby Jack is a Nosferatu antitribu of the Black Hand who created the legend of the Ebony Fox.


Among the stories passed around the fire at Sabbat esbats or at the communal haven are the exploits of the Black Hand shakar known only as the Ebony Fox. Most stories identify the Fox as an Assamite of great skill and tenacity, with a quick wit and clever tongue. A master of disguise and all forms of weaponry, the Fox can appear to be either male or female, of any clan or physical shape; his (or her) real identity is unknown. Stories feature daring escapes, dazzling martial arts and the gruesome details of the killings. Incredible odds are always beaten, the target (and anyone in the way) always gets hit, and the Fox keeps up his signature wisecracks right in the face of his enemies. The Ebony Fox has become a veritable legend, particularly among the assassin groupies who make collecting the known lore and tidbits about the elusive shaker almost an obsession. Some even claim to have "relics" touched by the master assassin.

In truth, the Ebony Fox does not exist, per se. The stories, greatly exaggerated to spice them up for the intended audience, are an amalgamation of missions carried out by Black Hand shakari with the addition of ideas drawn from literature, traditional folklore, movies, and a vast library of videos from Hong Kong. The Ebony Fox's creator is Tarbaby Jack, a Nosferatu antitribu with a fondness for storytelling and a keen sense of how to keep the interest of even the most jaded Cainite audiences. The tales serve to impress on the listeners the grace and terrible skill of a Black Hand assassin in terms they both appreciate and admire - and to shape Sabbat expectations of the assassins such a way that their real work can continue without interference from their most devoted fans .

Tarbaby's greatest success came when the Camarilla Justicar Cock Robin declared a Blood hunt on the infamous Ebony Fox after the Final Death of his mentor and sire, Petrodon. Needless to say, the Ebony Fox has thus far skillfully eluded all attempts to capture or destroy him. Tarbaby Jack, on the other hand, was recently elevated to dominion, and plans to do the same for the Fox, as soon as he comes up with a sufficiently spectacular story.


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