Tara were three great irish fortresses that stood tall in the days between the coming of the Garou to those lands and the coming of Christianity.


One of the three fortresses was called Iron Tara and it was the palace of human kings, from that place nothing more than grass-mantled mounds remain. Another, also known as High Tara, the seat of power of the Daoine Sidhe; at the time of the Shattering, it slipped into the mists of the Dreaming. The third, variously called Middle Tara, Silver Tara ("Airgetteamhair"), or simply Tara, is the seat of the Ard Righ ("High King") of the Fianna tribe of the Garou.

The Vow of CollaEdit

A tale of a Gangrel, a lost Kinfolk named Colla, who fought his way into Tara. Long before the undead found him, he had loudly sworn to see the halls of the Ard Righ. One moonlit night, he matched deeds to words. Through his unnatural strength, great speed, and razored claws, he fought his way through six of the seven ramparts, eluding or disabling his opponents, just for the chance to lay eyes upon the palace. His body cleared the last palisade, and his eyes drank in the sight of the magnificent buildings in the moonlight for a full moment before his head left his shoulders. Though the defenders were suitably chastened for letting a single leech get past even one wall, many elders recognized the Kinfolk's daring and courage to fulfill such en impossible oath. After lengthy and heated debate, theurges purified his remains and laid his ashes to rest in a small rock cairn on a hill half a league west of the fortress, that he may view the majestic palace evermore.