Tara-Nar is the great freehold castle of High King David Ardry. He ordered it's construction during the last years he spent in Queen Mab palace. Tara-Nar acts as the seat for his power and a symbol of Concordia.

The Stronghold of Dreams, Tara-Nar is the seat of power and primary residence of the High King, David Ardry. Located in upstate New York, it is an imposing and splendid castle reminiscent of French architecture, protected by the geography of the Catskills and the Red Branch Knights. The walls reflect the changing weather, painting patterns in accordance with the sun, wind, and rain on the translucent stone. Formal gardens and a tourney field surround the palace, and stables, mews, and kennels occupy outbuildings. Beneath it is the Well of Fire from which comes all balefire in Concordia.

The High King moved there with his sister Morwen, who continued to act as his advisor.

During High King David disappearance, the throne of the castle remained empty. He returned during early autumn 2005.

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