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The Tapestry is a metaphor used by mages to describe the limitless potential of the Tellurian.


Every possibility is seen as a thread inside the Tapestry and because inside the Tellurian, potential is limitless. From these threads, the fabric of reality and existence is woven.The only talent of the Awakened is to re-weave the threads as needed or desired, and to shape possibilities to their ends to create the effect they desire.

But an Awakened can change the Tapestry only by changing their place within it. Thus, every pull on a thread echoes back at the mage. A mage who pulls too hard may fall when his thread breaks, or he may lose himself in a sudden snarl, unleashing Paradox on himself when the threads forcefully return to their previous state. Care must always be taken to watch the pattern of the Tapestry, and not to change it too much at once. Otherwise, the effect will be fatal to reality and the mage.

Qlippothic magic strives to destroy these threads and to destroy the Tapestry.