Tanitbaal-Sahar was a Cainite adventurer and philosopher active in Rome before the Punic Wars. Sahar presented himself as a Brujah but was actually a Baali. He was the founder of the Road of Sin.


Sahar was born in the Phoenician city of Tyre, serving in the temple of Melqart as a praise-singer to the god. His beautiful voice, as well as his lyrical talent, attracted the notice of Tanit, the ancient vampire that had chosen Tyre as her domain. When Tanith revealed herself before Sahar, he neither instinctively feared or revered her, instead approaching her with intellectual curiosity. After several nights of long talks about history, philosophy, and religion that intrigued the methuselah, Tanith offered him immortality to continue his studies forever. Sahar accepted and chose the name Tanitbaal in honor of his sire.

Sahar wandered for over 300 years seeking the answers to life and humanity before settling in Carthage. During his travels, he was a guest within several Clan strongholds, including Setite, Assamite, Brujah, and Tzimisce, being drawn to places of faith and knowledge despite the pain True Faith inflicted on him. In Carthage, he spent years in seclusion, compiling what he knew into what would become the main philosophies of the Road of Sin.

He was invited by Titus Venturus Camillus, the Ventrue Prince of Rome, to share his teachings. During the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire he arrived in Rome presenting himself as a Brujah. During the war with Carthage, he felt no loyalty to either the Brujah nor the Baali, instead seeing them as debased and willingly accepting spiritual slavery. Nonetheless, he tried to defend the city out of love for it and its aspiration.

He quickly became lover of the Ventrue Prince Camilla, and taught him the ways of the Road of Desire, which would soon be known as the Road of Sin. For in Rome he found the last of the pieces of knowledge he needed to complete his treatise, "On Hunger and its Satisfaction", which lead to the creation of Via Desideratio, the Road of Desire. Camilla and his followers in Rome eagerly embraced the new Road, and it spread quickly from there.

Soon after, Tanitbaal-Sahar was summoned to Tyre by his sire. He disappeared on the journey – his final fate was never known. However, he is reported to have been active in the 13th century, with Safirah claiming to act at his behest.

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