Tanit (also spelled Tanith) is a 5th-generation Baali who became the leader of Moloch's brood after his demise. From 800 BCE to sometime in the 13th century CE, she was the shadow ruler of Tyre, but not technically the Prince of the domain. At some point in the 13th century, she fell into torpor, from which she has apparently not yet awakened.


Tanit was the most trusted childe of Moloch and renowned for her knowledge of dark secrets. While a loyal follower of her sire, she had no part in his involvement in Carthage, instead staying behind to rule over Tyre. In 332 BCE, she used the armies of Alexander the Great to purge her domain of all unwanted Cainites, so that she could rule and shape the city as she saw fit. Once, her sire revealed to her that Troile came to watch the Baali sacrifices to see if he still had an ounce of conscience within him. According to Moloch, there was none.

Tanit vowed to never fall to the weakness that had claimed her sire. She became the unofficial leader of the Molochim and those Baali that chose a distanced approach to demonolatry, and was the founder of a sect within her bloodline that was dedicated to the obfuscation of dark mysteries. Like her sire, however, she was drawn to innocence and felt the urge to defile it.

In 1205 CE, Tanit received Mary the Black, the diablerist of Mi-ka-il of Constantinople, at her Court. Originally, Tanit hoped to use Mary as a foil against the various crusaders and the Order of Bitter Ashes, but later became fond of her. She also had trouble with a rebellious childe, Shutatara, that had fled her presence and sought shelter in Cyprus.

When Azaneal took the title of Shaitan, Tanit received his ambassadors at court, listened to what they had to say, and made quiet preparations to abandon Tyre. However, she fell into torpor due to an ambush, leaving the leadership of Tyre and the Molochim in the hands of her grandchilde Sahar-Hannibaal.

Spelling DifferencesEdit

Clanbook: Baali and The Black Hand: A Guide to the Tal'Mahe'Ra spell her name as "Tanit", while Road of Sin and Dark Ages Europe spell it "Tanith".


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