According to Garou myth, the Talons of the Wyrm are the result of the first direct attack on Gaia. He manifested a gigantic hand that corrupted everything it touched, until brave Garou warriors managed to rip the hand into shreds. And while the Wyrm was forced to retreat, his fingers had clawed themselves deep into Gaia and managed to flee the Garou by changing their form. They were primal manifestations of the Wyrm, the physical stuff of its first manifestation in the world of matter, and were thus almost indestructible by any force . But the Garou were able, through great feats and earth magic, to bind them into objects. Garou mystics speculate about the exact number of talons, but a few are known and rightly feared by the Garou Nation, for should all Talons be freed from their ancient prisons, the Apocalypse would surely begin.

Known TalonsEdit


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