I would suggest moving the infos over Shaitan from Chaos Factor to another article named Huitzilopochtli, since that is the name he is referred to in other books that regard pre-columbian America (Mexico City by Night, p.13-17; The Sorcerers Crusade Companion, p.75).

Also, the infos in the Dark Ages Companion that refer to Shaitan fit the account of his deeds in the Clanbook (making Chorazin his place of power, his ritual in Knossos and the retribution of the Setites), but his origin myth is again entirely different. Should there by another article for this incarnation of Shaitan (possibly named The Slave Boy or something among the lines, if we are not fusing it entirely with Nergal), taken to the new article over the mexican Shaitan who posed as Huitzilopochtli (since it tells "that he was carried on the winds of the storm to a distant land where he could rest and heal his wounds, and that he will come again in power to reclaim what is rghtfully his"-Dark Ages Companion, p. 171) or should this be fused with the article about Nergal, with reference to the differing versions and the hint of the possibility of his continued existence, but with reference to the differing origin story (the one from the Clanbook, in which Shaitan I is Ashur (whose true identity is -in my opinion- likely Saulot) and Nergal/Shaitan II is one of three first Baali; the one from Chaos Factor, in which Shaitan is the second childe of Ashur and broodmate of the Gangrel Antediluvian; and the one from the Dark Ages Companion, in which he is the first childe of Ashur and leads a revolt against Caine in the First City.

As the information founding is so shaky, with three different origin stories that nonetheless can be combined into a continuous biography; my suggestion is that we should rewrite the article into Huitzilopochtli; include the information from TCF, MCbN and TSCC; and remake the Shaitan article into a reference page for Hutzilopochtli, Nergal (VTM) (including a link to similar deeds from TDAC, in a similar manner how the Karsh/Jalan-Aajav pages are connected), the character who claims to be Shaitan in TDAC and his link to Huitzilopochtli (in the same manner as in the Nergal article), the Antediluvian who created the Baali line (so Saulot/Cappadocius) and Lucifer (who is referred to as Shaitan in ToJ, p.91, to make the confusion complete)

Thoughts or additions on this subject?Sharth (talk) 20:15, May 10, 2014 (UTC)

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