I don't think that matter should be Pandemonium's inferior arcanum, I think it should be fate or time instead.  Not only would this balance out the five supernal realms more, with Arcadia and Stygia having one inferior arcanum each instead of Stygia having two and Arcadia having none, but I think it fits more with the Pandemonium motif.  For the prisoners of Pandemonium, the only possible fate is to serve out your sentence, there's no stroke of luck that will somehow allow you to escape, which means that magic manipulating fate should be less powerful there.  Or you could go with the angle that time has no meaning in the context of eternal imprisonment for the demons.  p.s. I know this probably won't get any attention, and certainly won't change the actual canon, I'm just stating my opinion. 13:45, September 11, 2017 (UTC)

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