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Haqim - Hassan - Assam Edit

Sire of ur-Shulgi, Mancheaka, and Abu Ilaf. His embrace is told in various tales. He is said to have Embraced himself with the blood of the King and the Wueen. (Clanbook Revised: Assamite) tells he was a great warrior in life. but dedicated himself to scholarship as he grew older, and learned to speak and write the language of the dead. He earned the attention of one of Caine's Childer, who Embraced him. He lived in the Second City, though he never settled there. He always remained neutral to the quarrels of his brothers and sister and cousins. His only sister is the one referred to as the mother of the Clan of the Blossom (Arikel). His two brothers were known as the Serpent (Set) and the Sage (Malkav). All the other Ante-diluvians came to him and pleaded to have him create a "second family" in order to judge and control their rebellious childer. Name "Hunter," then "Judge," "Assam" is a mispronunciation of Haqim. Haqim was not his real name. He last visited Alamut in 68 BC. He appeared in Antioch one century later. He was last seen in the British Isles in 121 AD, engaged in philosophical conversations and played chess with the Ventrue Mithras. Dies in Nightshade, Gehenna. Details from the Crucible of God: Haqim wakes up planning on continuing the work of judging other Cainites. Kindred can either join his cause or be destroyed by his minions. Haqim is destroyed. [Book of Nod] [Clanbook Revised: Assamite] [Encyclopaedia Vampyrica Page 87] [Lair of the Hidden] [Gehenna page 17] (Real world inspiration: founder of the Sect of Assassins)

Other Childer Edit

? <4> Embraced by Haqim. Scribe and astronomer accused of heresy and sentenced to death by stoning, who was saved by the Embrace of Haqim during one of his wanderings outside the Second City. First childe of Haqim. [Clanbook Revised: Assamite]

Mancheaks <4> Embraced by Haqim. Eldest childe of Haqim at the time of the Second Baali Conflict. Met Final Death in battle. Dead. [Clanbook Revised: Assamite]

Abu Ilaf <4> Embraced by Haqim. Sire of 'Adnun [Lair of the Hidden page 60]

Other 4th Gen Assamite Edit

Nakurtum <4> This female Assamite Vizier is the first female to serve as Olde Man of the Mountain. Her Embrace date is unkown but unseated Sha'hiri in 1214 who conceded the seat to her. Reputed founder of the silsila [Player's Guide to the Low Clans]

Sha'hiri <4> Sire of Thetmes. Master of the Assamites (Old Man of the Mountain) before Jamal. He invited Jamal's challenge after the shame of the Convention of Thorns (1493). Dead. [Libellus Sanguinis 3 page 62][Clanbook Revised: Assamite][Childern of the Night][Player's Guide to the Low Clans]

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