Tales of the Dark Eras is a fiction anthology of short stories set across the different time periods and game lines that are seen in Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras, and serves as a companion book to the Dark Eras book.


From the Onyx Path schedule:

Walk through the ages...
As a companion to Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras this anthology reveals secrets of the mystics, whispers rumors of the dead, and shines a light into the darkest corners of the world.
This collection includes historical stories based within the shadowed past of Vampire: the Requiem, Mage: the Awakening, Werewolf: the Forsaken, Changeling: the Lost, and other Chronicles of Darkness settings.
In the Chronicles of Darkness...
Explore the shadows with tales by Howard Ingham, Malcolm Sheppard, Pete Woodworth, Renee Ritchie, Jess Hartley, Monica Valentinelli, Danielle Harper, Matthew McFarland, Mike Tomasek, Eric Zawadski, Meghan Fitzgerald, and Dennis Detwiller.


Hoarse (Chronicles of Darkness -- 450 B.C.E.)Edit

by Howard Ingham

In this story an unnamed protagonist is recounted with the tale of "The Prophet", a humanoid figure long since moored in the city of Nineveh and its journey through multiple lives.

Bone and Gold (Mage: The Awakening -- 330-320 B.C.E.)Edit

by Malcolm Sheppard

This story follows Theseus, a Greek soldier as he marches eastward in the companies of Alexander the Great and his encounter with a mage.

Unmanned (Beast: The Primordial -- 830-840 C.E.)Edit

by Pete Woodworth

This story follows a band of Norseman as they venture across the sea to claim vengeance on a rival tribe, who's leader ransacked and pillaged their village.

Dry Spell (Vampire: The Requiem -- 1587-1593 C.E.)Edit

by Renee Ritchie

This story is centered around London and follows the vampire Mister Starling as he deals with his new onset of insatiable appetite whilst trying to accomplish an errand given to him by the local Ieldra.

Of Ravens and Roses (Changeling: The Lost -- 1600-1700 C.E.)Edit

by Jess Hartley

Suffering of the Unchosen (Hunter: The Vigil -- 1690-1695 C.E.)Edit

by Monica Valentinelli

Cross Purposes (Mummy: The Curse -- 1893-1924 C.E.)Edit

by Danielle Lauzon

From Galveston (Promethean: The Created -- 1933-1940 C.E.)Edit

by Matthew McFarland

The Sea’s Own (Geist: The Sin-Eaters -- 1950-1955 C.E.)Edit

by Michael "Hollywood" Tomasek, Jr.

War Spoils (Demon: The Descent -- 1960-1961 C.E.)Edit

by Eric Zawadski

Top Dog (Werewolf: The Forsaken -- 1969-1979 C.E.)Edit

by Meghan Fitzgerald

No Signal (Chronicles of Darkness -- 2015-2016 C.E.)Edit

by Dennis Detwiller

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