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Kick Ass!
Some people think the Awakened sit around dreaming about Ascension. Wrong. Dead wrong. When reality itself is on the brink of destruction, you don't contemplate your navel. You fight — and sometimes die — for the sake of the future.
And Live to Tell About It!
Tales of Magick takes Mage from the realm of abstraction and kicks it screaming into high gear. If you ever wondered how to run an exciting chronicle, check this out:
  • Story ideas for high adventure in the World of Darkness
  • Earthshaking events in the world of Mage
  • Character templates, cool toys, classic bits and more!

Chapter One

Background Information

  • As the final book to use the term "magick," the final cover was still in flux. Many websites display an alternate version of the cover spelled as "Tales of Magic" (see left).

Alternate cover

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