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Tales from the Trails: Mexico is a setting book for Werewolf: The Wild West detailing Mexico at the end of the 19th century.


South of the Border
You're on the run from the law. You've got enemies aplenty in the States, from undead bloodsuckers to nine-foot werewolves. Folks are coming after you with fire, silver bullets and magick. But that's all right, because you're just a few miles north of the border. And you figure once you get to Mexico, your troubles will be far behind. Bad, bad move, amigo.
And Just North of Doomsday
If you thought Mexico was immune to the troubles of the Savage West, you're all kinds of wrong. There are gangs of vampires riding the night, pulling down everyone who gets in their way. There are shapeshifters with long memories and a list of grudges, and they'd all be happy to take some of their grievances out on you. There are ancient blood-cults and twisted immortals from the time of the Olmecs. There's corruption and murder and chaos waiting for you. Good thing they celebrate the Day of the Dead down there - you'll probably be in a state to appreciate it soon enough.
Tales From the Trails: Mexico includes:
The scoop on 19th-century Mexico in the World of Darkness; a whole selection of settlements where an outlaw can go to ground.
Notes on the supernatural population and history of Mexico, including Garou, Changing Breeds, vampires, ghosts and more.
A lynch mob of antagonists for Wild West games, from the Boot Hill gang to the ancient mummies that still walk today.


Legends of the Garou: The Calm and the Storm that Follows

Introduction: Another War for the Territories

Chapter One: History

Chapter Two: Geography

Chapter Three: The People of Mexico

Chapter Four: The Bad and the Ugly

Background Information

This was the last supplement published for Werewolf: The Wild West until the twentieth anniversary editions.

Memorable Quotes



Flayed Ones, Sabbat, Camarilla, Storm Eater, Xibalba

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