Takuma Sononda







Takuma Sononda is an influential Malkavian elder, and a candidate to occupy a place in the Red List as anathema.


Once the Malkavian primogen of Seattle, Sononda was highly influential and had the Prince’s ear on any number of matters, including internal security protocols and naming which Kindred should be granted the right to Embrace. A trusted ally, the Prince relied on Sononda to keep an eye on potential issues occurring within the city’s limits.

Sometime in the last decade, the coastal city began to draw more and more Anarchs seeking haven. Sononda noticed the uptick in vampires, and warned the other Primogen that their presence, when combined with other Kindred who also wanted a domain in Seattle, would stretch the limits of the Masquerade. Sononda, with the backing of the other Primogen, managed to convince the Prince of this potential Masquerade breach. The Prince believed that new vampires were discouraged from remaining in the city for more than a week. What no one realized is that many never left Seattle. Tasked with asking them to leave, Sononda had been ambushing and diablerizing the outsiders instead. As the Malkavian’s Humanity began to deteriorate, the Primogen’s actions were eventually discovered by the Sheriff. Unfortunately, Sononda managed to flee the city before getting caught.

Usually, any Kindred who violates the Tradition of Destruction would be left as a matter for the local Prince and Sheriff to deal with. However, Sononda was a well respected Malkavian Primogen whose allies included the Justicar Petrodon, whose influence stretched north all the way into Canada. Adding Sononda to the Red List would show that the current Justicars are willing to enforce the laws of the Sect regardless of a Kindred’s connections or Status. Considering that Sononda has fled the city, adding the Malkavian to the Red List means the former Primogen cannot simply flee to another Domain.


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