The Taint of the Predator is the radiance of the Beast within each vampire. To the Beast, everything is a challenge, a potential conquest, a meal, or a combination of the three. To other predators, the Beast is a palpable thing, something that identifies another monster. When a vampire meets another vampire, he knows instinctively that his opponents is also one of the Damned. Vampires can also enhance their predatory aura in order to bully mortals or other creatures into submission, but have to face the growing hold of their Beast over their soul in the process.

This presence, the predatory aura, builds a paradox in Kindred society. On one hand, it guarantees vampires will never truly be civil, as all remain one misstep away from each other’s throats. On the other hand, it forces Kindred to hold tight to traditions and propriety, in order to keep the Beast at bay and force a modicum of nicety.

Vampires experience other supernaturals in similar traits, most intense being the radiation of Rage from a Werewolf.


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